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The house of Bucherer launches the Peekaboo Jewellery Collection

“Jewellery is the most lasting record of our emotions. Jewellery not only transports emotions: it stores them.” Jörg Bucherer. Whether it be timeless classics, seductive “It” pieces, high jewellery, inspiring collections or special one-offs: for as long as we can remember, Bucherer has united exclusive and innovative design, extremely precise craftsmanship and creativity to forge a link between timelessness and modernity. For its latest Peekaboo collection, Bucherer teamed up with jewellery designer Yunjo Lee to design and develop pieces of jewellery that are as individual as the modern, self-assured woman of today.

Text: 07 Aug, 2017

Traditional Swiss company joins forces with New York jewellery designer

The new Peekaboo coloured gemstone collection from Bucherer Fine Jewellery bears the signature of South Korean-born Yunjo Lee, who graduated in fine art and is now a jewellery designer based in New York. Yunjo Lee took her inspiration for the collection from style icon Marie Antoinette, who succeeded in shaking off the fetters of her own history and, with characteristic self-assurance and a sense of mystery, went her own way and has influenced fashion and the world of art down to this day. Yunjo Lee has transported her into our age and renamed her “Modern Antoinette”, a self-confident and modern woman who questions convention but at the same time is also very feminine and romantic. Like a Modern Antoinette, Bucherer Fine Jewellery has struck out on a new and unconventional path with its Peekaboo collection. The close and mutually inspiring cooperation between Bucherer and the designer has come to fruition in the form of a unique collection of jewellery pieces that arouse emotions and generate a general sense of happiness.

“For me, bliss is the sense of perfect well-being, the highest possible form of joy and pleasure. When I hear the word, I feel an irrepressible sense of optimism and think of all those special moments that have made my heart beat faster. For me, perfect happiness is being able to tell someone how much I love him and how much he means to me. And it is the same happiness you feel when someone says it to you. The new collection captures the beauty of relationships and the joy of life's special moments," says Yunjo Lee, designer of the Bucherer Fine Jewellery Peekaboo collection.

Peekaboo is for the self-assured, life-affirming woman of today

The pieces in the Peekaboo collection were designed for the discerning, modern and youthful woman of today: the modern Marie-Antoinette who takes pleasure from embracing life in all its richness and goes her way with an incredible sense of lightness. She is the woman who exhibits the many facets of her personality, from grace to self-assurance, and celebrates her own uniqueness. This exuberant, contemporary vision of femininity is reflected in Peekaboo's original and modern design, which strikes a harmonious balance between rigour and tenderness, strength and fragility, and timelessness and modernity.

An enlarged prong made of diamond pavé accentuates the purist design, which puts pastel-coloured gemstones in a perfect setting. This surprising design element is the signature feature of the Peekaboo collection and imbues the individual pieces with a lively, light-hearted sense of spontaneity. The collection, consisting of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets is lovingly designed and embellished on the reverse side with a “B” – the hallmark of Bucherer Fine Jewellery. The flagship piece of the Peekaboo collection is a cocktail ring with a 12-carat morganite that sits regally on a shank that is artistically set with diamonds. 

"The individual pieces are set off to maximum advantage when worn in combination. The interplay between the two Peekaboo rings worn together is particularly striking," says Catherine Sackmann, Category Manager for Coloured Gemstone Jewellery at Bucherer. 

The coloured gemstone collection in pink gold with morganites, aquamarines and yellow beryls is named after peekaboo, a fun game played with young children, and conveys an irresistible sense of joyful light-heartedness. The pieces in the collection embody an unrestrained sense of joie de vivre and self-assurance that awakens a sensation of freedom far removed from traditional norms.

Bucherer Fine Jewellery creates individual pieces for today and tomorrow

A family-owned company, Bucherer today is one of the leading protagonists in Europe's jewellery sector and looks back on a long tradition in the manufacture and sale of jewellery. For Bucherer, renowned equally for its rare and precious stones and precision craftsmanship, jewellery is much, much more than a decorative accessory. It is an expression of the wearer's own, unmistakable personality and an unequivocal statement. And the creations of Bucherer Fine Jewellery are equally unique, radiating a modern yet timeless sense of joie de vivre and accompanying their owners for an entire lifetime. Apart from its high jewellery pieces and classics, Bucherer Fine Jewellery offers an international clientele an exclusive Romance collection for the love of a lifetime and its stylish Daily Treasures collection for the young – and young-at-heart – modern woman. 
Unique. Like You. 

"The pieces in the Peekaboo collection are original and radiate vibrancy and passion: they embody the Bucherer Fine Jewellery brand’s positive outlook on life," says Matthias Heimberg, Director Bucherer Fine Jewellery. 

The Bucherer Fine Jewellery Peekaboo collection will be available at all Bucherer boutiques and on from 2 October 2017.

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