Earrings and necklace from the B Dimension diamond collection 18K Bucherer Fine Jewellery

B Dimension

Minimalist form, magical allure

Diamonds for purists

Lustrous luxury meets minimalist elegance
Diamond collection B Dimension collection Bucherer Fine Jewellery
Inspired by the beauty of nature and the interplay of light and shadow, the pieces of jewellery from the B Dimension collection dazzle with its minimalist design language. Delicate details and clean lines come together for a perfect marriage of strength and fragility, subtly reflecting the self-aware ambivalence of modern femininity. Unconventional and minimalist, this diamond jewellery collection perfectly complements the needs – and the beauty – of the modern woman with style.
High-end jewellery pieces from the B Dimension collection Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Unconventional luxury

The distinctive feature of the collection is a circle set with micropavé, reminiscent of stylised butterfly wings. Tiny brilliant diamonds ranging from 0.7 to 0.9 mm in diameter adorn a delicate gold circle that is gently folded upwards. The high-end jewellery pieces are particularly exquisite thanks to the addition of larger brilliant diamonds.

Unique, modern, timeless

Passionate craftsmanship meets innovative design
Fascinating reflections of light, the natural beauty of the mountains and the interplay of strength and fragility: these were the sources of inspiration for this one-of-a-kind jewellery collection. Clean geometric shapes and delicate details are brought together in a fusion of innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship. The B Dimension collection makes use of fine natural materials and a balanced design language, making it the ideal modern luxury jewellery collection for headstrong and style-savvy women.

The core collection

Magical moments

Playing with colour

Different models with matt colour gemstones
B Dimension collection different models with colour gemstones Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Create an eye-catching interplay of colours with pieces in bright blue lapis lazuli, crimson carnelian or deep black onyx, set in pink gold. Half of B Dimension’s signature gold circle is covered in a fine layer of gemstone, deepening each piece’s interplay between reflections and beautiful natural materials. The jewellery pieces from the B Dimension core collection are perfect for creating wonderful mix-and-match combinations.

Transformation of a circle

A new twist on a classic shape
Artistic sketches by designer Yunjo Lee I B Dimension collection I Bucherer Fine Jewellery

“B Dimension lets women wear a miniature work of art”, says Yunjo Lee.

Yunjo Lee, the designer of the B Dimension collection, took her inspiration from the artist Ellsworth Kelly and his play with geometric shapes. Working with artistic sketches and paper cut-outs, she discovered a way to reinterpret the circle without robbing it of its perfect symmetry. Creating a gold circle that gently bends upwards – similar to a folded piece of paper – gave rise to a new interplay of light and shadow.