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The Panthère is back!

Cartier presents the restage of the famous watch, which became a legend due to its unique design.

Text: 17 JUL 2017

The French Maison relaunches its legendary watch Panthère de Cartier – even in its original design of 1983 that evolved into a must-have piece of a whole generation by its remarkable style. The relaunch was exclusively celebrated in Los Angeles on 5th May.

The restaged Panthère de Cartier marks the peak of the current 80ies revival that celebrates the attitude of this epoch, when girl power was completely redefined, by wearing shoulder pads, loud colors and sophisticated jewelry. When the Panthère was launched in the early Eighties it immediately became the synonym of a decade when success, luxury and prestige were the most important things. No wonder that Grace Jones, Jane Seymour, Cher and Elizabeth Taylor appointed the Panthère de Cartier as their favorite watch.

Strong, self-confident, sophisticated: The design of the Panthère remains the same. Its plain lines with the square body, the round-shaped edges and the clock face with Roman numerals and blue, sword-shaped hands give this watch its signature look. Moreover it strikes not only by the octagonal crown set, which can be covered with diamonds or blue stones, but also by its chain bracelet, which is super smooth worn on the wrist. Smart: the clasp on the inside is very easy to handle and non-visible from the outside. The Panthère de Cartier watch is more than just a watch – it’s a piece of jewelry.
Once Cartier stopped the production of the Panthère de Cartier in the early 00s, the former bestseller is now state-of-the-art. As a part of the revival there are two designs available: small (25.6x30.3 cm) or medium (30.1x36.5mm) and in nine different settings: steel, bicolor (steel/yellow gold), yellow gold and pink gold, which can both be bought with or without diamonds.
From the wild cat to a brand: The panther accompanied Cartier since the early 20th century. It made its first appearance on an invitation card of a jewelry exhibition in Paris in 1914 and evolved to the symbol of the French Maison. As portrayal of an animal, that connects highest watch making with exotic luxury, the majestic character of the panther inspires a lot of creations of Cartier. That’s why the Panthère de Cartier is more than a watch – it’s a statement: timeless design, perfect proportions, brilliant appearance.