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Inside the workshop

By mastering its own movements, Carl F. Bucherer demonstrates its full range of technical skills and asserts its place up with the greats.

Text: 22 Aug, 2017

The unwritten rules of the watchmaking industry and its devotees only bestow the prestigious distinction of ‘manufacture’ on those that develop and produce at least one whole calibre within their own walls. Carl F. Bucherer has been doing this since 2008. For 2016, the brand makes a breakthrough by investing in a new movement called CFB A2000, which will establish the basis of Carl. F Bucherer’s future movements and new standards of quality and precision.

«The very first serious series production with a peripheral rotor in the watchmaking industry.»

One movement to master them all

This new calibre, unlike typical automatic calibres, is powered by a peripherally mounted rotor, which revolves around the movement instead of over it, delivering energy when turning in either direction.

One of the reasons that manually wound movements still exist is that watch lovers enjoy viewing the movement in operation. With the more practical automatic movement, the necessary weighted rotor gets in the way of a detailed full view of the movement. With the CFB A2000, Carl F. Bucherer takes a completely different approach and provides an unprecedented solution. The rotor takes the form of a ring instead of a half circle, peripherally mounted, and is heavily weighed on one end to facilitate oscillation. This special ring rotor provides the best of both worlds, allowing for a great-unobstructed view of the movement, along with providing the convenience of an automatic winding movement.

This technology was introduced by the brand in 2009 with its CFB A1000 calibre, the very first series production with a peripheral rotor in the watchmaking industry. This know-how has now been further developed and implemented in the CFB A2000, which, with its linear design, is both technically and visually characteristic of the brand. The ‘Côtes de Genève’ adorning the movement’s bridges and balance-cocks are a tribute to Swiss watchmaking tradition, while the impressive rotation momentum and power reserve of 55 hours make watches equipped by the CFB A2000 reliable and enduring companions for the elegant watch lover.

Dynamic manufacturing

In order to go further and continue growing with the CFB A2000, the brand opened its new manufacture in Lengnau (Switzerland). This building features a modern, vertically aligned infrastructure for fully developing the finest timepieces in-house.

Carl F. Bucherer is a growing company responding to a market demand for an authentic product, manufactured with excellence. The brand is obsessive about quality control: all elements are checked and re-checked while every movement is tested for several weeks before beingapproved and sent for packaging. “With this centre of excellence, we are proud to have reached an important new level for Carl F. Bucherer. The new manufacture strengthens our identity as a traditional Swiss brand. This is a crucial step in our development and the result of a strategy of sustainable growth,” shares Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer.